villa Vista De Aves pictures

villa Vista De Aves pictures

Villa Vista De Aves



Tax status: 
Tax included


Value date: 
08/15/2016 to 11/13/2016
High date: 
08/15/2016 to 11/13/2016
Shoulder date: 
Holiday date: 
Monday, August 15, 2016
Rental rates: 
3 Bedrooms
$600 (USD)
per night
All rates are in US Dollars, per night and are subject to change until confirmed.
The above rate(s) are for a maximum of 2 people per bedroom.



These are the pictures I took last year and the year before.  It was raining that day and overcast.  But I did go to the Lindo Mar beach restaurant and took these photo;s when the sun was out.  We always hang out here.  Great swiming and snorkeling and ocean kayak.

When you see the photo's of the yellow kayak, that is the guys that has been going out every moning for as long as I can remember and dives for fresh oysters and lobsters and spear fishes.  Everyone goes to the Lindo Mar beach restaurant and buys oysters right on the beach from him.  He is not allowed to sell them on the restaruant property.  There are a couple of nice guys there that sell the nice wraps (para's).  I always buy mine from him.

Last year we went to PVR when the biggest hurricane every was off the coast of Mexican but it never came in.  After it moved on out there was a really high tide.  Never saw one lide that and the ocean was 82 degrees.  The pool was cooler.  

So when you view the photo's look at the pelicans that hang out with the fisher man.  One of them dances for food.  It is a hoot.  They have been with him for years and he hand feeds them.